15 June 2011

I love my siblings.

No seriously.  They're awesome.  I wish I was half as country as any of them.  Last week I called one of my brothers.

Me: "Hey, do you have a dagger I can borrow?"

Brother: "Boy, did you call the right person!"

Then he let me pick through about 8.


And then there was the slight situation I mentioned before where one brother may or may not have been involved in a black powder cannon incident in the middle of the night.  The next morning we had this convo:

Brother: "So did you call the cops on us last night?"

Me: "That was YOU?!  Umm... yeah, we called the cops... sorry, we thought a house blew up."


Then last time I was in town, one of my brothers had to get on the internet to do something for his daughter's school.  Only problem... he's not really familiar with the internet!  He bought a laptop a few years ago, but after only playing solitaire on it for 2 months, he realized that it was a waste for him & he sold it to my sister who used it for college.
But for real, his everyday life doesn't involve a computer, much less the internet.  He used a computer for college, but computers have changed a lot since then (think red & blue screen, plus a print button.  DOS games, anyone?), and the internet was still a ways from being in every home.


And when me & my sister were younger what did one of my brothers give us for Christmas?  Recordings of 'Walker, Texas Ranger' (for my sis) & CMT videos for me.  Best. Present. Ever.

Of course, there are many more, seeing as how I have 3 brothers and 1 sister, but I'll save those for later! I suppose things like this are why I want to have lots of kids.  It was fun as a kid, and now that we're all adults, it's even more fun!

Do you have siblings?  I'd love to hear your stories!

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