05 May 2011

Mad props to Shannon!

Hold up!  I just realized I never gave mad props to the lovely lady that did my hair for Melanie's wedding!

Did I tell you I was in a wedding a few weeks ago?  I think I did...

At any rate, Melanie (bride) had picked out a gorgeous up-do for everyone's hairstyle.  The only problem?  I'd tried to grow my hair out about 2 years ago and it refuses to go any longer than it is right now.  And it's in no way shape or form long enough for an updo.  :(

It's also stick straight and doesn't like the word 'curls.'  I was kind of scared.  But this lovely lady on my left (your right-- the one with straight hair & is not me)- Shannon- did my hair!  Wanna see it?

Cute, huh?  I practiced a couple of times and had some curl going on, but she made it look way better than I had it going!

Here was our practice run the night before.  I think she should come to my house every day to curl my hair.  Kind of a bummer that she lives 5 hours away.

And a few more shots of the wedding.  Here's me & my parents!  My dad & Melanie's step dad have been friends since they were little.  They saw each other at a football game when I was in marching band & realized that us girls were both in the band and that's how we met.  Been friends ever since!

Me & Mel... check out her dress-- is it not gorgeous!  I know you can't see much of it in this shot, but I'm in love with it!

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