03 May 2011

A day at the 'rents.

Once upon a time I went back to my parents house to visit.  Actually, it was a few weeks ago.  Anywho, we're driving home from church and my dad called my brother.  He was already at my parent's house and had rode his horse there.

Okay, so that sounds slightly odd, but not totally, right?  Well, my parents live close to the top of a mountain.  And this horse wasn't used to having someone ride it.  What would be a 5 minute drive in a car was a 45 minute excursion with this horse.  I won't call it a ride because he didn't actually ride it the whole way.  He was teaching it and getting it used to riding so that his daughter can ride it.

And of course Rylie had to ride on it.

And since Rylie & I matched and I'm halfway terrified of horses, everyone thought it would be a good idea for me to get on it.  If only they had video of me trying to mount the horse.  It could be a YouTube sensation-- I'm not very talented and I'm fairly certain I nearly tipped the horse on her side.

And since Rylie and I are wearing matching shirts, we had to get a shot together.

Fun fact:  I did not actually ride the horse. Just sat on it long enough to take a picture and then I bailed.  Like I said, I'm halfway terrified of them!

Rylie... not so much... she loved the thing.  Here you can hear her sweet voice:

But when she got tired of riding the horse she just moved on to pinching the dog & playing the banjo with her Paw.

And in case you're actually still reading at this point, here's one of her climbing the stairs... too cute!

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