09 May 2011

I Heart Faces: Motherhood

During my sessions I usually snap a couple of shots before the family is ready, just to make sure that the lighting & exposure is perfect.  This was one of those shots, and when I came across it through the culling phase (where I decide which pictures are worth editing), this one had me nearly in tears I was laughing so hard!  The little boy desperately wanted to take superhero pictures, and we promised that after the 15 minute mini-session, I would take a super-hero picture.  I guess he just couldn't wait!

To me, moments like this are motherhood-- where your children aren't perfect because well... they're not perfect in real life!

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Nicole said...

Love your photo. Where did you find the linky? Can you give me the link? I can't seem to find it? Thanks so much!

deb duty said...

So cute! Glad he got his super hero shot in!

Lynne said...

the little boy just steals the photo with his look. Love it.

Christina said...

What a fantastic candid portrait! Love it!

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