10 May 2011

10 Things You Didn't Know

Shannon shared 10 Things You Didn't Know and challenged others to do the same, so here goes!  It's kind of hard because I'm pretty much an open book.

1) I'm terrified of a lot of things.  Fear grips me like crazy, and sometimes riding in a car or getting on a subway, roller coaster, or horse are victories for me.  Let's not even talk about airplane rides.  I'm scared of pretty much everything, and face those fears head on everyday in order to just live a normal life.

2) The only person I'm totally unfiltered around is my husband.  We say whatever we want to each other in private and know that we may be the only ones that understand it, and that's okay.

3) I met Josh at the mall.  Totally random, didn't have any friends in common & no real reason to give him my phone number, but I did (well, actually a friend did for me).  We'll think of a better story when we have kids... you know, like... we met at church or something.  ;)

4) I'm probably the most sensitive person you'll ever meet.  It's so easy to hurt my feelings it would make your head spin.  Luckily, I've learned to hide most of that.  Sometimes it's more important to get over my hurt feelings in order to live a normal life, and I get that.

5) On the same note, I don't hardly take anything personal when it comes to my photography.  If someone doesn't like my work or decides not to use me, no sweat because that's what art is all about. (Note: Different story if they started attacking me or something... then I'd take it personal!)

6) I have 4 siblings.  3 older brothers & 1 younger sister.  Sometimes I want to slap them up side of the head, but I love them.

7) For the 2nd year of our marriage, my brother & his daughter lived with us in my great-grandmother's old house.  We had our ups and downs of course, but overall it was pretty fun!

8) My first celebrity crush was Clay Walker & my first favorite song was "Live Until I Die."  I can still remember dancing to the video in our living room when I was 8.  It made me want to be a country singer, and it made me love music.  How's that for random?

9) I wasn't allowed to watch Bambi as a kid because my dad went deer hunting.  This cracks me up to this day!  (And no, I still haven't seen it)

10) Arrested Development is one of my favorite all-time TV shows!  Modern Family is starting to earn a close second.


Cara Hendrickson said...

I have Bambi at my house right now if you want to watch it :) Enjoy learning more about the people I live and work around. you are awesome Susan! Random for me: My first crush was Michael J. Fox -Back to the Future ROCK ON! and Superman, Christopher Reeves of course!

shannon*bear said...

Fun list! Love that you still haven't seen Bambi and that you and Josh met in the mall!

Shawntae said...

My favorite Clay Walker song was What's it to You, but my first crush was Leo DiCaprio when he joined the cast of Growing Pains. There isn't a movie he's been in that I haven't seen and he's still cute!!:)

Do yourself a favor, and watch Bambi. You won't regret it.:)

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