08 May 2011

I have an amazing mother.

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I have an amazing mother.  I mean, I think I turned out okay.  And she raised 5 kids, so that's a pretty good badge of honor.

While raising 5 kids she sold crafts at craft fairs, volunteered at our schools and who knows what else.  Once the youngest was in kindergarten she would substitute teach.  Then a few years later she went and got a job as a teacher's assistant.  Then they required assistants to have associate degrees.  Good call, but she'd given that up to move across the country (literally-- Hawaii to NC) with my dad & raise a family.  So she went back to school at night, kept working during the day, and still had 2 kids at home.

Then she graduated with a 3.9 or 4.0 or something ridiculous like that!  I think it was a 3.9 only because she had to miss one class because of my high school graduation.  The professor told her at the beginning of the semester that each class she missed would be a letter grade lost.  She went up that very first night to talk to him and explain that her daughter would be graduating high school in a few months & that it was the same night as class. He didn't give a flying flip, so yes, she skipped class.

I mean, really... professor have just a teensy tiny bit of a heart on this one, k?

Which reminds me... if you're a teacher/professor, or ever have a situation like that come up, give some leeway.  I mean... for a parent to miss their kids high school graduation?  Do you really expect them to do that?

*stepping off soap box*

But yeah... my mom is amazing!  Happy Mother's Day!

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