01 March 2011

From Patrick to Merle.

So March is one of my favorite months!  Did you know that?

It is!  Why?  Because it has one of my favorite holidays in it... St. Patrick's Day!  I love that day for several reasons:

I love green.  I have brown eyes and brownish/reddish hair.  Green was made for people like me!

I like the name Patrick.  It's a good, solid name that no one can make fun of.  It's not an 'old' name or a 'young' name.  It's good.  And if that's not reason enough: Patrick Dempsey.  Yes, please!

It's Jigsaw's birthday!  Jigsaw has been my dog since I was in the 8th grade.  He is an absolutely awesome dog, and this year he'll be 11 on St. Patty's Day.  I kind of don't want it to be his birthday because I don't want him to get older!  Bonus: Jigsaw has red hair and he was born on an Irish holiday!

C'mon-- any dog that lets me do this to him is awesome!
I'm part Irish.  So even though I know pretty much nothing about that part of my heritage, it's a little nostalgic because my dad has always told me I'm Scotch-Irish.  

In celebration of one of my favorite months (a close second to June), I also added a favorite quote to my header for the month.  I might just keep it there forever.  It's from Merle Haggard, talking about his songwriting and he said "really the only thing I'm qualified to write about is myself."  I think that fits this blog pretty well.


Rj and Jessie said...

It's my husband's birthday!

Beth said...

Love Patrick :-)

Melanie Reller said...

Patrick Dempsey! I'm with you. Yes please. Got my book in the mail! THANKS.THANKS.THANKS. can't wait to start reading it. :-)

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