26 February 2011

Best. Hairspray. Ever.

Hair products are no joke in my household.  I'm a perfectionist and every single strand of my hair must be in the right place before I leave the house.  If it's not, you'll see me wearing a hat.

And I'm the type of person that really truly appreciates when others tell me my hair is out of whack.  I politely let them fix it, then rush to the bathroom to see what can be done.  I appreciate public restrooms that have hairspray in them.  Nice restaurants & hotels are pretty much the only ones, but it's really awesome!

My husband isn't quite such a diva with his hair, but when he fixes it in the morning, he expects it to stay exactly like that until his head hits the pillow that night.

I used to use this gem and actually used it until every last drop was gone.  Ladies, is that an accomplishment or what?!

I also used the Big Sexy Hair hairspray, but finally got tired of paying $20 for one can.  But I needed something to do the job, so after perusing the aisles at Ulta (One of my fave stores- mix and matching cheap and expensive beauty products?  Yes, please!), I found this little gem for $6.99

It's kind of ironic because when I had long hair I wouldn't pay over $2 for a can of hairspray.  But times have changed.

Let me tell you, this hairspray by Samy is uh-mayz-ing!!!!  It will make my hair do whatever I want-- tease it, shape it, sculpt it.  Especially with my thin, limp hair, this stuff makes it look like I have thick, voluptuous hair.  When I get everything perfect, I do an all over spritz and it stays there all day.

Josh even started using it because it's all we had in the house he could spray in the morning and rain or shine, his hair wouldn't move all day.

But last week I went to get some more (since I seem to be going through a bottle a month now??) and *gasp*

It was all gone!!  I was a little lost, but decided that maybe this was my chance to find another great product.

I looked and looked and didn't find anything I was interested in under $20.  So I went for cheap and got some volumizing foam & volumizing hairspray for $6 total.

Samy?  I miss you.  I don't even know why this other 'hairspray' calls itself hairspray.  It's nothing more than glorified Suave wanting to be all cool holding my hair in place.  But it doesn't.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to buy my Samy hairspray!

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