08 February 2011

In Poor Taste.

Super Bowl commercials are always fun to watch.  Sometimes local ones come on and they crack me up sandwiched between $3 million commercials.  But what stuck out this year was Groupon's commercials.

I'm familiar with them... coupons given out so long as a certain number of people buy the special that day.  Nothing wrong with that.

But the commercials?  Completely tasteless.

I hate to even give it airtime, but I wanted to know everyone else's opinions.

To me?  This is way worse than when a politician runs a smear campaign against the opposing candidate.  It's more along the lines of laughing at a baby falling down the stairs.  Beyond insensitive.

There are two more: Save the Whales, and then one about the Rainforest.  The rainforest one wasn't as bad.  If it had been the only one, I would've overlooked the insensitivity entirely, assuming it was a funny commercial gone wrong.

So what's your take?


mikedominice said...

Here's Groupon's take:

Rachel said...

Groupon's are not as bad as "Test Baby" from Home Away:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k24N5DQ_XaY

fowler said...

Rachel, Test baby was very disturbing-- everyone naturally looked away from the TV at our party cause it's so disturbing!

Mike- thanks for the link- I was wondering if Groupon was going to come out and say something or not. Still feel the same way, but it's good to see them acknowledging it.

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