01 February 2011

Happy February!

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Can you believe it's February 2011 already?  I say that to pretty much any date.  It's just hard to believe, especially when I remember sitting cross-legged in kindergarten saying "September 5th, 1991" as a group during calendar time.

I remember when 2004 was the future.  In kindergarten we had class shirts that had a space-age theme and it said "Class of 2004" on it.  In fact, we were pretty sure 2004 would be the space age.  C'mon- the year had a TWO at the beginning of it!  And a lot of zeroes!  How could we not be flying around like the Jetsons?

Alas, we're well past 2004 and zooming (haha- space age? zooming?  I crack myself up!) through 2011.  We still don't have tele-porters, which is a total bummer because I hate travelling by plane, car, bus, etc.  But we do have cell phones readily available, and the iPad.  Oh, and wireless internet anyone?

What's the invention you're waiting on, since we're in the space-age and all?


Beth said...

I'm waiting for Rosie the robot to clean my house!!!! :-)

Rob said...

And we have Netflix and Redbox. Try explaining to your future kids that we used to have to drive to the video store, spend $5 for a VHS tape, and then we would get fined if we forgot to rewind it. We are in the future.

Jenn Henderson said...

Marty McFly went forward to 2015, so in 4 years I'm looking for flying cars, that are fueled by food compost, hooverboards, jackets that strunk themselves to fit individual bodies and that instantly dry when you press a button, shoes that fasten themselves, house "keys" that are your thumbprint, pizza dinners that start out the size of your palm and then within 5 seconds in the new microwave are the size of an XL Papa John's, and computer's as waitors

AnniePressley said...

Wireless internet is allowing my boyfriend and I to sit next to each other on my bed and mess around on the internet together without taking turns by the door (where our internet hook up is). I love wireless internet. The best time waster for the modern student (aside from Facebook, of course).

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