29 January 2011

Why I signed up for the Warrior Dash.

Last week my husband called me up and said that he might have accidentally signed up for something called the Warrior Dash.

"How do you accidentally sign up for something that you paid money for?" was my first question.

Dave Ramsey for life!

Once we got past that I actually looked at the website for Warrior Dash.  I immediately said, "Good Luck" and started looking for a buddy to hang out with that day.

But over the next few days, I considered it more and more.  Finally, I went ahead and signed up.


1) It's on my bucket list to run a 5K.  The Warrior Dash is a little bit over that, so it works perfectly.

2) I hate mud.  And the idea of crawling through mud underneath barbed wire scares the heck out of me.  I have a lot of true fears (heights, planes, etc), but these obstacles, however scary, probably won't kill me (although there is fire involved).

3) Everyone else I know is doing it.  No, seriously, the majority of people I know up here have signed up.  My husband, half of his workplace, which is also our church.  A lot of my friends at church, and then some people from my work signed up... I mean really, the peer pressure is on if I wanted to be a cool kid!

4) I'm working on losing weight... what better incentive to get in shape than to force myself to do this?  I won't back out because I paid to enter!

So there you have it, folks.  I'm going to be in the Warrior Dash.  It will be, and I quote, the "craziest frickin' day of [my] life."  Supposedly.  But then again, I am married to Josh Fowler.

On second (third?) thought... I can't jump... and I'm supposed to jump over fire??

Click here to see the exact obstacles that I'll be running around overcoming.


Rob said...

This looks like the worst day of my life. Good luck.

LB said...

i. can't. WAIT!!!

Jennifer said...

Jumping over fire...that is insanity! You already have my respect just for signing up. You can do this!!!!

shannon*bear said...

Um, this looks like amazing fun! Can we come play too?!

AnniePressley said...

THAT SOUNDS AMAZING. I would love to do that!

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