30 January 2011

5 miles.

Friday Josh and I laced up our tennis shoes and headed for the Noland Trail.  It's a 5 mile loop around a lake and the weather was finally starting to warm up a tiny bit!

My thought process: It's only 5 miles.

We were planning to just walk it anyway.


I'm sore from my ankles to my hipbones!

Mile 1, was the hardest
Mile 2, Josh & I fought (gah, don't you hate that?)
Mile 3, almost as hard as mile 1
Mile 4, I don't even remember this one!
Mile 5, we saw several deer! I was ready to jog again on this mile, but Josh had shin splints.  The next day, I did too, and I understand why he wouldn't jog!

On the bright side, I'm down another pound.  Although I'm happy about it, I could be a bit further in my progress.  I haven't been eating as healthy as I should, but I have been good at working out.

So this week's goal?  Focus on what I'm eating.

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