16 January 2011

Where are we again?

It always cracks me up when things are dec'd out for something.  When everywhere you look, it matches-- whether it's a sports team, a brand name (other than the store that's selling it), a particular university, etc.  I didn't really grow up with anything like that-- my parents aren't big sports fans and there wasn't a university that everyone in my ancestry had gone to.

Even with collecting things-- the only thing I've ever collected was beanie babies.  Sure, I had them all over my bedroom, and yes, it looked completely ridiculous.

At least it wasn't scary-- have you ever seen dolls hanging on the walls?  Not on shelves... but nailed up by their clothes or something?

It's as creepy as it sounds.

I digress.

At any rate, when Josh and I first arrived in Virginia, we stopped at the rest area right over the state line. For anyone travelling, it has a great place to walk your dogs, equipped with waste bags and everything!

But the second you walk inside, you get hit with a big helping of Virginia.  And let me tell ya... Virginia does not want you to forget about it's history.

And that it's for lovers!  (Personally, I love this slogan.)

But then it starts getting creepy.  Why hello, bench?  Are you a Virginia bench?

And you?  Are you a Virginia recycling bin?

After that, I was honestly a little disappointed when there wasn't Virgina imprinted toilet paper in the restrooms.  But hey, we can't have it all, right?

Go Virginia!!

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