15 January 2011

More cute shoes!

I love shoes, which is really funny, considering I wear them as little as possible.

No joke... my wedding?  Barefoot.  I did put on some flip-flops for the outdoor reception.

But I've been looking around for the perfect silver shoes for my friend's wedding in April.  Our bridesmaid dresses are royal blue and she requested silver shoes.

I don't like strappy sandals because... well... let's just say my feet are not made for those types of shoes!

So after several weeks of searching high and low I finally found the perfect shoes at Macy's.  First time I've ever even shopped at Macy's!

And check it out... I've never had such classy shoes in my life!

But you know I had to get a deal on them.  Half off, plus another 15% off!

Now, to practice standing and walking in these things!  They're surprisingly comfortable, compared to other super-duper-high-heels, but they're still pretty high!  So far I can stand for 20 minutes.

Gotta work up my endurance!


BluNBlond said...

cute! I would never be able to walk in those.

shannon*bear said...

Can we talk about how you have 20 minutes on me in heels! I seriously can't stand or walk in them, it's kind of pathetic. But, those shoes are sooo cute!

Beth said...

Those are pretty awesome, but I wouldn't have anywhere to wear them!!

(Wee bit of shoe envy.)

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