26 January 2011

It's about that time.

Time for a little accountability in the losing-weight department.

The single best thing for keeping me on track is the Spark People app on my cell phone.

I typed in what I wanted to weigh, what I weigh now, and when I want to hit that weight loss goal.  Then it tells me how many calories, carbs, fat, and protein I can have daily, and when I need to work out and how many calories I need to burn.

Then it has a way for me to track everything on my cell phone-- what I eat, my workout, and even my weight in a nifty little chart!  There is one line for where I should be in my progress, and another line for where I'm actually at.

It keeps me accountable.  It takes a lot of the thought process out of it for me.

And the less I concentrate on the diet, the less it will take over my life (in the negative, mind consuming way).  It becomes second nature and therefore, not a weight-loss diet... but a lifestyle.

So if you have a phone that's capable of downloading a Spark People app, and you're looking to drop a few pounds or just see where you're at, then go for it!

And if not, then you can just head over to SparkPeople.com and do it all online!

1 comment:

Polly said...

Maybe you will lose wt. in your fingers at least.

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