03 January 2011

I've been dying to share this...

At our church everything about an upcoming service is top-secret.  They want it to be a surprise when people see the service, so everyone involved is pretty much sworn to secrecy.

Of course, with being the wife of a staff member, sometimes I just know things, whether it's because Josh is practicing a certain song at home, or because I'm volunteering in some way.

This year's Christmas eve services were huge and I was able to volunteer to help with some of it.  One day I showed up to help with cueing music for a video, "I Like Big Gifts" (which was sung to the tune of "I Like Big Butts"), and ended up painting Steven to look like an Avatar.

Just one problem... I didn't know what an Avatar looked like other than it was blue, so I had to go off of the example on the front of the make-up package.

He didn't quite have the nose for it, as I have since seen that they don't quite look like this and they have large flat noses.

But isn't it a cute Christmas sweater?

Now that I've discovered my hidden talent as a make-up artist you'll find me on the Hollywood sets.  Sayonara!


Sarah Halstead said...

Ha ha! Too funny! Sounds like your church is awesome! Wish we lived a little closer.

Rob said...

That was a fun video shoot. You did a most excellent job!

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