03 January 2011

I Heart Faces: Best Face of 2010

You can VOTE on this image!  Just click here and scroll down to where you can see the picture icons to vote... mine is #408!  Voting ends Friday at 6pm EST so get all your friends to vote, too!  THANK YOU!!!

2010 was the year where my photography finally took off.  For the first time, I had all the tools in place and I could run with it.  It was a long time coming, and has been such a wonderful journey so far.

For I Heart Faces's first challenge this year, they've chosen "Best Face of 2010."  Like most everyone, I'm sure, I started rummaging through all the files on my computer for my most photogenic subjects.  I came up with several babies that are absolutely adorable, but then I saw this one.

I actually just took this in December 2010.  This is my ever faithful doggie, Jigsaw.  He's a Jack Russell Terrier and he adores me as much as I adore him.  He was the cause of my hubby & I's first argument, and he will come running from across the house to console me if I'm crying.  He will even dress up in a scarf and sit still for me to take a picture... what more could a girl ask for?

His expression is priceless in this picture, and that's what I love most about it.  It says, "I'm a dog who clearly loves you more than life itself... and you owe me."

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Sarah Halstead said...

I love it. So cute!

Amandalynn said...

I LOVE this photo. Pup knows how to accessorize!

Paulina Splechta said...

How unique! Lovin' this pooch! Great shot, gorgeous lighting in it as well!
Love the creativity with the submission!


skosh said...

Oh - He's lovely. I love the processing and simplicity of this shot and his expression.

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