27 January 2011

Marriage & Wal-Mart pizza.

Last week on Facebook I mentioned that my hubby and I were one step away from divorce.

Now that is a huge exaggeration.  If you know me & my hubs, we're pretty tight.  But we have our moments, and most every marriage does.

But we did have a few scuffs over a 2 day period.  Who knows how it started, but I was annoyed and wanted him to give me a sweet hug and sweep me off my feet, and he wasn't having it because, well, I wasn't exactly acting like a princess.  But I wasn't acting like a princess because there were things I'd asked him to do for the past month and a half that still hadn't been done and...

you get the point.  There was not right or wrong and it was a snowball rolling downhill.  None of it was life altering.

But we were having friends over on the evening of that second day, so we both knew we were going to have to find some resolution, and I think we were glad for it.

Josh is the cook in the family. He loves to cook, and he's really great at it, too!  The downside?  He'll spend 2 hours creating the perfect meal and getting every dish in the house dirty.

I, on the other hand, can get every dish dirty in 20 minutes flat.

I didn't want to put his fancy dinner on the sacrificial altar, but it happened anyway.  We were driving to the store, discussing how we can make the dinner faster and things continued downhill.  I'm talking we were arguing over which grocery store would be cheaper to go to after you figure in the cost of gas.  And we get 35 mpg in our car.  That's when we decided that maybe it would be best if we scrapped dinner altogether.

So we did.  We went straight to Wal-Mart and bought one of those amazingly yummy Wal-Mart pizzas, some spinach for a salad, and apple turnovers for dessert.

And you know what?  We were like two teenagers walking around Wal-Mart all gooey and lovey.

Marriage isn't perfect, and it sure can get messy sometimes, but man, is it awesome when you get to work together as a team!


Rob said...

And the dinner was most excellent. We loved it. And we loved the company.

Keren said...

great post...we get in silly arguments too, and then we kiss and make up and suddenly the world is rosey again.
a great blog to check out: www.holymessofmarriage.com

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