03 December 2010

TV, Cable, Hulu, & Everything in Between.

When Josh and I visited Virginia a few weeks ago, we met Phil.  And his TV.

Phil doesn't have cable.  No biggie.  I didn't grow up with cable.  Occasionally we would have satellite, but then a storm would blow through and the satellite would go out.  Then we'd fix it and it'd snow and the snow would collect on the satellite dish and it would go out. Then we'd sweep shovel it off and then another storm would blow through.

I think 3 times in a month was my dad's limit.  After that, we'd wait however long until someone fixed it again without setting fire to it out of frustration.

Did I mention that it wasn't one of those cute little dishes you see nowadays... it was one of those massive, alien attracting satellite dishes.  And it didn't blend in with the scenery.  It was off-white and we lived in the woods.  It was in the backyard, but we didn't have the kind of backyard where you walk out the back door and there it is... it was on a mountain.

And it was uphill both ways.  Or something like that.

I digress.  Boy did I digress.

Anywho... Phil.  Phil doesn't have cable.  And I'm cool with that.

Phil doesn't have satellite, and I'm definitely cool with that.

But what does Phil have?  How does Phil watch the super important shows that are out there just waiting for him to watch them?

Phil has Hulu.

Hulu magically hooks up to his TV and he uses Hulu Plus to watch his favorite shows that he can't live without.  And something about a Roku.

I have no idea how it all works, but I'm about to learn, because that's what we're going to try!  Sure, I can't watch live TV, but with DVR, I rarely watch it live anyway.  And if I can pay $10 a month instead of $50-100?  I'm totally game.

It's a good thing I don't mind spoilers!

So I'll let you know how it goes... the good, the bad, and the ugly, and we shall see.

*Hulu, Hulu Plus, Roku... none of those guys have any idea who I am.  I wish they did, because then maybe they'd give me the equipment for free!  At any rate, they sure aren't paying me for this.* 

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BetnyNonnie said...

So glad you are joining the Roku club! We sure do love it!

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