04 December 2010

Total Eclipse.

Remember Phil and his new-fangled TV stuff?

A group of us were hanging out at his house and he shared this video.  I don't normally think viral videos are funny.  "Charlie Bit Me" was never funny to me.  I have no idea why people laugh at it.  The remix?  Even less funny.

All those videos of kids getting totally drugged up at the dentist and then talking crazy talk in the car on the way home?

Those don't strike me as funny either.

I have a weird sense of humor, what can I say?

But this video, this is hilarious.  I was just about in tears from laughing!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  And if not, then just go you YouTube.com and watch 'Charlie Bit Me.'  You'll probably laugh then.

At any rate, here's the video.  You'll have to follow this link to YouTube.com.  It's 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' with literal lyrics to match the music video.  I'd never seen the video before, but wow... it's totally random!

What song would you like to see done in this fashion?  It's hilarious!


thesweetestthings said...

Oooh my goodness, that was amazing! Thanks for sharing =) LOVE IT

thesweetestthings said...

By the way, this is Erin Sansotta.... didn't realize the comment would come up like that

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