03 December 2010

Fix-It Friday with I Heart Faces!

It's Fix-It Friday where I take an original photo provided by I Heart Faces, and edit it to my choosing.  You can check out the others who have done it here.

Here is the original:

Lightroom is my editor of choice for this photo.  First thing, I cropped out the walkway-- it was very distracting.  Once I got the crop I wanted for a full length shot, there was still a tiny bit of walkway left, so I cloned it out.

Next I added a tiny touch of warmth, contrast, and clarity to complete my first edit.

For the next one I cropped in closer to get just her face and upper body.  There were a few extras hanging out in the frame, like her chair, so I cloned those out.

Then I brightened her eyes and added clarity to her face to bring it out a bit.  Again, I added some warmth because I love warm pictures!

And finally, I cropped a little bit closer and added a black & white effect with a green filter.  Her coat was then blown out, so I brought down the exposure and brightness a bit just on the coat.

Everyone has a style they love... which one is your favorite?


Kara said...

I love how you cropped it at an angle!! Looks great!! :)

Raven @ LMMP said...

Great Black and White Susan!

Dee said...

Wonderful job, I was fretting about the low-res of the image we're given to work with & hated my edits (didn't post them) but yours are wonderful!

Dee said...

Got your reply - thank you! I completely forgot to look for "original" so I may go back later today and try again.

Rebecca {RBF Photography} said...

I love the black and white one the best! Great job!

Caroline (Frogmum) said...

Your B&W wins the day for me ~ striking!, but the first edit is nice too :D

Jessica said...

You did such a AMAZING job! LOVE IT!

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