27 December 2010

Christmas with our families.

A few days ago, my only prayer was that the snow would hold off and we would make it to see our families for Christmas.

Well... that prayer was answered!  We made it to Josh's grandmother's house at 4:30am, and the snow started within 2 hours after that.

We do Christmas breakfast with his family...


... and then a late lunch with mine.



In case you're wondering... Josh is in charge of pictures at his families house, and I'm in charge of them at mine.  However, he never manages to get any pictures, so halfway through the morning, I started snapping a few.

Out of my three nieces, Sunaura wasn't able to come because of the snow, Lindsey hates having her picture taken, and Rylie... well Rylie is all about having her picture taken.  So here is an obnoxious amount of really adorable pictures of Rylie's first Christmas that I'll leave you with.

Hope you are enjoying the family time, and the snow if you have it!







Melanie Reller said...

she is just the cutest thing!

Sarah Halstead said...

She is so adorable!! Cute photos. Looks like a wonderful Christmas.

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