21 December 2010

Christmas List

Side note: Do you mind leaving me a comment letting me know if you're able to see pictures on my site lately or not?  Some of them seem to be loading incorrectly, and I'd like to know whether it's my computer or my pictures.  Thanks!

Around Thanksgiving, everyone starts asking "What do you want for Christmas?"  My husband and his family are huge on this.  Before Josh ever met me he knew he wanted to shower his future wife with gifts.  Poor guy... he had no clue he'd end up marrying the money police.

But my answer?  What do I want for Christmas?  I never seem to have a list.  I know this must drive the people who ask nuts, but I just can't seem to make a list.

Last year Josh just gave up and made a list for me to share with his family.  It was cute, and I certainly don't blame him.

The issue for me is that when it comes down to it, I'm a darn lucky person!  I have a fabulous hubby, a wonderful family... there's nothing missing in my life that I want so badly.  Sure, there are things I want, but I feel so petty asking for them when there are kids down the street that can't get what they want.  So why should I get what I want?

The other problem is that, if I really made a list of things I wanted, they'd be way too expensive for someone to buy (unless I have some really rich friends out there that I don't know about?).

Here are just a few things I came up with in a matter of minutes:

A few items from Tiffany & Co:

And a few of these ensembles from The Buckle (and the body to fit into them!):

And perhaps a trip to NYC?  A month long?  All expenses paid?  Broadway shows anyone?

Last but certainly not least...

A Nikon D3s.  At $5200 it's worth more than my car.  'Nuff said.

So that's what's really on my selfish Christmas list.  If you'd like to send any of them my way, I'll gladly take them.  Otherwise, a card will do.

On a side note, my mother totally understands my wish list issues.  Last year she bought me a year supply of contacts (awesome!!) and this year... well... I already know what we're getting... and let's say it's just as practical.


Rob said...

Nice list. Lucky for me the stuff that I like isn't that expensive. I always have DVD's, games, books, or clothes from the GAP on my list.

shannonbear said...

The only thing I could think when I saw the Tiffany jewelry was... Yes!
Haha! And, yes by the way. I've been able to see your photos just fine. The one of Jigsaw made me happy in my heart!

Ella said...

The pictures came up just fine. You might want to look into the clothing store Maurices. There's one here in Asheville right next to Wal-mart and they have similar clothes to the Buckle, but they actually fit a regular person. They also have great deal so that regular people can afford them, too.

thesweetestthings said...

I have the same problem with Christmas lists! (I can see all your photos)

Sarah Halstead said...

I see all your photos. Everything I asked for this year was photography stuff. lol. No one wants to buy me that stuff.

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