23 December 2010

Goodbye Mr. Madden.

You know those shoes that go with everything & they're super comfy?

These used to be that for me.

But as we were packing for the move, I came across them and realized that perhaps, it's just time to say goodbye.

They were just a tiny bit worn.  I suppose time takes it's toll.  And as Josh reminded me, I've had these since we met.

Goodbye old shoes.  I will sincerely miss you, and I hope I am able to find you a replacement real soon, seeing as it's approximately 2 degrees outside right now!

What's the item that you've owned forever, still use, and refuse to give up?


Twila Chasteen said...

I had a t-shirt like that. It started out as a t-shirt that I would wear out when we went somewhere. Then as it started looking more faded and worn, I make it a pajama shirt. I had it for YEARS. When the collar had fallen off, and the holes in it were beginning to show more than I was comfortable with my kids seeing, lol, I figured it was time to retire it. It was a sad day...

Sarah Halstead said...

Those do look comfy. I want a pair now.

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