16 December 2010

90% + Sand + Snow

Y'all, there is a 90% chance of snow today!

In my mind, snow is for the mountains, for the north.

But I live at the beach (although the people around here say it's not the beach...).

There is sand and an ocean... or some water that's really close to the ocean.  There is even sand in our backyard!  Therefore, I live at the beach.

And yet, there's snow... 3 times in the 3 weeks that we've lived here.

This is pretty much amazing to me.  Snow & sand.  The only time those two are supposed to come together is when sand is thrown over an icy road for traction.

See y'all... I'll probably be out in it!


monshep said...

We do live at the beach. Don't let them tell you different! I bet you could get some cool pictures while it is snowing at the shoreline!

Rob said...

Snow days are fun, but stay off the roads. VA drivers are a little crazy when it snows.

Rachel said...

Isn't it funny living here AND enjoying snow? I love having today off :)

shannonbear said...

What the heck? That's too crazy for this mountain girl to deal with ;] Pictures?!

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