15 December 2010

Don't try this at home.

 Wanna see something absolutely hilarious?

Just check out these pictures.  Please notice the rope above my husband's head and how it is unbelievably twisted in knots.

He's happy now... but by the end of this post, he won't be.

Do you see all the knots in that rope?  Do you see where this is going?

Then my brother jumped on...

I believe I come from a family of contortionists.

Are you dizzy yet?  'Cause I am just from looking at these pictures!

I'll tell you what, it sure looks like a lot of fun, but I would be throwing up sideways after 5 seconds on that thing.  Please don't try this at home.  Not that we did.  'Cause we didn't.  We were at Charlie's house.

Charlie is our old neighbor.  He's a good ol' boy, and this is the type of thing you do at his house.

The end.

PS: If I remember correctly, my sweet husband got stuck in the position he was in in that last picture.  Imagine how fun that was to not be able to put your feet on the ground and stop yourself!  Yippee!!!



BetnyNonnie said...


Rj and Jessie said...

LOL. I would throw up so fast. :X

shannonbear said...

Oh holy crap, I LOVE those rope swings! We had one in our front yard and in the summers my parents could never get us to stop playing on it! Now they make me wanna vomit if I go too fast but man, I love them!

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