16 December 2010

DIY water.

So yes, it did end up snowing here.  And it's a good thing they called school off.  Haywood County, NC would have sent the kids to school and school would have released at noon.

At any rate, it started a few flurries around 10am, and by 12pm, they were sending people home from work!  The roads are clearly icy, and I'm starting to wonder where all those snow plow trucks full of sand are... they were everywhere this morning!

So here's a little glimpse of the snow from my front porch.  No snow drifts, but it's definitely worthy of being called snow.

I tried to get a picture of the white car that keeps driving around and sliding around in the parking lot across the street, but every time I go out there, they drive off.  I think they know I'm on to them.  I hope they don't come beat me up!

And, by the way, there are two roads in this picture, on is right above where the porch railing is (it's the part that's completely white without leaves peeking through), and other is to the far right.

Finally, because this totally rocked my world, I'd like to show you what my dog does to make me feel like a bad parent that deprives him of water.  Which I do, during the day, but he can have as much water as he wants in the evening.  Anywho... check it out.  It's 'DIY Water,' as I like to say-- he licks it, and suddenly, it's water!

That, and I think my little buddy is the cutest thing ever.  And yes, he makes lots of snorting sounds like a horse.

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Sarah Halstead said...

We didn;t get much snow either, but it was pretty. Where were you living before?

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