24 November 2010

Stray dogs and alley cats.

** If you recognize the title of this post, you are my new best friend**

Growing up, I assumed all men hated cats.  After all, pretty much every man I knew had a fervent disgust for the things and immediately began sneezing and acting like they were all stuffed up when they saw one.

Whether they were actually allergic or just hated cats, the world may never know.

So after a year of being married to Josh, I mentioned that I'd love a cat.  To my great surprise, he agreed. 

We both agree that one cat is our limit, but he does have a knack for catching (and releasing) strays (and random neighborhood cats).  No, it's not the safest sport in the world, but it's extremely awesome to see him be gentle and loving enough for a cat to come up to him.

Heck, I can't get our own cat to do that even when I have food in my hand!

** And if you now are humming the title of this post, you're welcome.  It's seriously one of my favorite songs.  Especially when a good ol' mountain boy sings it around a campfire.**

Do they have good ol' mountain boys on the Virginia coast?

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