23 November 2010

Kitty & Cupcakes.

The other day Josh made mini-tiramisu cupcakes.  Really, they shouldn't be called "mini."  This should be a regular portion size, but who am I to say?  I think I ate this whole plate.*

*not entirely true.

There was a lot of the whipped topping left over, we couldn't resist messing with out cat a little.  I don't think she enjoys being featured on my blog, based off of the look on her face here...

But that icing was soooo good that she couldn't resist!

By the way, does anyone have a cat collar that doesn't fray like that?  We go through those like crazy and finally found a coated one that has taken a year to get this frayed.  It looks rough, but if we buy her another one, she'll just destroy it again instantly.

Haha... this is almost as good as when we gave her peanut butter... or when we covered her paws with saran wrap... or when we took her outside... or every single time we move when she hides in the bathroom for days.

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