17 November 2010

The Old Man and the... camera.

I'm a sucker for my elders.  And I think that's a good thing.  As a kid I was taught that they deserve my respect and quite frankly, they have a lot to share, and I like to listen.

One of my favorite things as a kid was interviewing my great-grandmother.  I had to do it a few times for school and she'd tell me about the first real car she saw in town, and the wooden toys she played with as a kid.  It was neat.

But sometimes that respect gets me in trouble.  While working on some lighting and camera settings before a photo shoot last month, a group of older folks were looking at the view.  Being sweet, one of the old men offered to take my picture.

Now let me be clear... I did not want my picture taken.  But this sweet old man insisted, and he only meant to be nice.

So I let him take my picture.  With my camera.

And right about the moment he snapped this picture, I realized exactly how terrible of an idea it was.  His hands were shaking.

My camera was in his hands.

I prayed.

He snapped the picture, and I went running up to him.  Then he said, "Let me take one more."

"No!  Please no!" seemed like a rude thing to say, so against my better judgement, I smiled and continued to pray.

No really, I was praying during those moments.  I also devised a plan for the future.

Put the camera strap around his neck.

Because sadly, if this situation comes up again, I don't think I could tell him 'no.'

For the record, my camera survived.  And I hugged and kissed it and promised never to leave it again.  Never to put it in the hands of unknowing strangers.  Strangers who think they are being sweet when, in fact, if they dropped the camera I would sit down and cry for a long, long time.

But I didn't have to.  Thank goodness.  And if you know me, please never ask to use my camera.  It's like giving me a hug... I can't tell you 'no,' but my heart starts beating fast and I break out in a cold sweat.

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AnniePressley said...

You don't like hugs? Sad life.

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