18 November 2010

Getting out of Debt: The Aftermath.

A while back, one of my posts was featured on BlogHer network.  It was pretty sweet and I felt like a rockstar when my name and story flashed up on the main page of their website!

You can read the post here.

One of the commenters then used me in another blog, here.  And again, that rockstar feeling came around.

I don't have much excitement like that, so I get pretty pumped about it!

One commenter asked what we did after we got out of debt.

Oh... I guess there is life after debt after all!

We paid off the last of it right around our 4th wedding anniversary, so instead of going on a picnic or something else inexpensive like we had done for the previous two, we went out to eat!  The tab? $80.  When we saw the bill we laughed. We planned on spending that much, but when we actually saw it, we thought of what all we could do with $80, and decided that it was our last expensive meal out for awhile.

Since then we've been saving for a newer car.  We currently share a 1997 Nissan Sentra with 285k miles on it.  Once we have the cash to buy another car, we'll start saving for 3 months worth of living expenses.  Then to buy another car (because the Sentra won't last forever!), and then to go to Disney World.

Sounds so simple, but I can't even imagine how awesome Disney World will feel with two cars and money in the bank!

What did you do when you got out of debt?  Or... what will you do when you get out of debt?  OR...... what are you able to do because you never went down that road in the first place?

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AnniePressley said...

After I pay off my school loans (granted that it's not that much and I can pay it off in 2-3 months working with Daddy), I am going to start thinking of getting my Masters. In Germany. So, I'll be saving for living expenses in Germany... since college there is NOTHING compared to here. The students complain here about paying 200-700 Euros a semester (200 Euro=$250-ish and 700 Euro=$1,000). And they practically crap their pants when I say "I know people who pay $10,000 for school. A SEMESTER.)

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