16 November 2010


Running 1,000 miles a minute... that's my life lately.

Actually, when has that NOT been my life?  The whole week an a half I didn't work back in August?  When I cleaned the whole house, revamped my photography business, and got a new job?

I have never been able to slow down long or take a personal day.  I missed exactly 10 days in grade school.  Five in kindergarden because of chickenpox and my grandfather passed away and we had to go to Florida. Then one day in 3rd grade, one in 7th, and three more sprinkled in high school.

Missing a day of work?  I tried to call in in high school.  We lived on the top of a mountain and had roughly a foot of snow.  My boss came to pick me up and I had to walk about half a mile in the snow because his truck, in fact, couldn't make it all the way up there.  Duh.  That's why I called in.

Then I missed a day for my great grandmother's funeral, and another for Josh's great-aunt's funeral.  Oh, and when I flew up to WEC last week!

Which reminds me... we need a vacation.  Last time Jo-Fowl and I went on vacay by ourselves: our honeymoon.  No weekend retreats, no whisking away for the week to a far away land.  But hey, we're debt free and I would gladly take than any day over two vacations a year... in Paris!

No really, it's that awesome to not stress over money.

Anywho... I started this post to tell y'all about the one zillion exciting things that are going on right now, and why I can't stay off facebook.

1) One of my adorable nieces is in a 'Cute Baby Contest.'  There was one last week, and there's a different one this week.  Please vote her her-- she's so stinkin' cute!  Click here and "Like" Blue Frame Photography (they did our family pictures earlier this year!), and then find the picture below, or just click here and "Like" her picture.

2) Hello... we're moving to Virginia in less than two weeks!  We bought a ton of boxes last night and are going to be packing and selling and making way too many trips to Goodwill (thank goodness it's only half a mile away!).  We don't have much stuff, but we hate feeling cramped, and since we're moving to a smaller place, we are downsizing so it doesn't feel smaller.  And we're fairly certain our couch won't fit at all.  If you live close, you can check out what we're getting rid of here.

our ATL apartment

3) Our house is about to be turned upside down.  Part of me loves it because every goes neat and orderly into boxes.  Junk gets thrown away, and that's therapeutic to me.  I grew up with 7 people living in 1500 square feet.  We didn't throw things away because we assumed that one of the other 6 people were probably using it, or it would most definitely come in handy at some point.

The other part of me hates it because everything will be in disarray.  My living room will be a disaster zone with bits of tape and cardboard everywhere.  And my 9 zillion piece china set[s] could possibly break.  Nerve racking.  Wracking? 

our Greenville apartment

4) I'm organizing a PhotoWalk for this weekend.  Am I crazy?  Of all the times I could have organized one of these?  I'm excited though.  I hope people show up because it will totally be awesome! It's for anyone who like to take pictures, and we'll even have a few models there!

5) I have several photo shoots lined up before we leave town.  If you live in upstate SC or western NC and have been thinking about having Fowler Photo do some pictures for you?  Now is the time-- 'cause we're leaving the Carolinas!  I do still have some times left, so get on it!  You can choose from the regular session, or a mini-session.

6) Work. My boss has been gracious enough to let me keep working for as long as I want, so I've got my work schedule to maintain!  It's bittersweet, though, because it really is an awesome job.

7) Josh is playing every single Sunday until we leave.  This week, Columbia.  Next week, Atlanta.  That means the day before we move, we'll be in Atlanta.  Oh yeah.  At least we'll get a chance to say thank you and goodbye to the guys down there.  The churches there have been really awesome to us, especially asking him to play even after we left the state!

8) Thanksgiving is next week. Hello!  We'll be saying "goodbye" to our families.  I put it in quotation marks because I know we'll be back to see them as often as possible.

9) Christmas cards. I generally have these addressed and stamped the week of Thanksgiving, and send them out December 1st.  I might be a day or week or so behind on that this year.  I hope not, but really... when am I going to do them?  Christmas tree. We moved this same time last year and managed to get a tree up, so I totally plan to still do it this year!  Christmas presents. About halfway done, and will have them waiting at my parents (or grandparents) house for the big Christmas Eve festivities.  We won't be there until after Christmas, but I want to make sure they have their presents to open so we can be there in spirit!

10) Photography. Yep, I mentioned it before, but there's the whole business side to it.  Wrapping things up here, getting everyone's final purchases to them... and then building everything up again in Virginia.  I've already started by getting a local number to Yorktown!  Don't worry, I still have my old number... and I'll never give it up (learned my lesson when we moved to Atlanta)-- I just have the local number ring to the same phone.


In other words... I'm busy!  And if you actually made it through this list, you deserve a cookie!

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