02 November 2010

Halloween fun!

I live about an hour and a half away from my hometown.  It's a small town (I've come to learn) and it's the kind of place where you know everyone.  I realize this more and more the older I get.

So on Saturday (the day before Halloween) I happened to be in town doing a few photo shoots and turns out, that's when they were giving out candy at my parents church!  I couldn't resist going and seeing everyone again.

After all, I grew up going to that church.  I saw my old friends, their parents, the ladies that used to rock me to sleep in the nursery, and the lady that gave my parents a baby shower after I was born.

[Quick side story:  I was the fourth of 5 kids.  My parents didn't find out our genders until we were born.  The first three were boys and after a 5 year gap, they had me.  Everyone wanted to throw them another baby shower (wasn't their stuff worn out by then?) but they refused.  Then when I was born I was a girl, they insisted on giving them a shower.  So I was at my own baby shower!  Now that's what friends are for!]

Every Halloween (or, this year, the day before Halloween) they have Trunks of Treats where the kids can go by every car and get some treats, then go inside for popcorn, games, and hot chocolate.  Oh yeah, and to get warm... it was freezing!

This is Larry.  I've known him since I was born (he has a daughter my age) and he calls me "Nui" (or however it's spelled-- pronounced "new-ee") because... well, I don't know, but there's a story for sure!  I think it's something I said when I was little.    What's funny, though, is that this isn't his dog.  This is my brother's dog, Spud.  Larry is an accountant, and if Spud was a human, he'd be either a biker or a rock star.  Larry's more of a golden retriever type of guy, so I cracked up and couldn't resist taking a picture!

I think we all know who this cutie is.  My niece was a monkey for Halloween!  She had a cute little tail and everything!

As I was walking up to the church, I heard banjo music.  I knew if I just followed it, I'd hear my dad.  Sure enough!  After, the banjo is a happy instrument.  And we were wishing people a Happy Halloween!

But in my family we are required to pick on each other.  And since it was Halloween [festivities]... and a few days before election day... and my dad happens to look similar to one of the candidates...

"Daddy!  I love your Joe Sam Queen costume!"  Then I sent Kendra over to get her picture made with a celebrity.

The real Joe Sam Queen & my dad.
He got me back, though.  "So I see you dressed up as a real photographer."  Well done, well done.

Now you know the cutie-pie baby?  This is her mom.

I totally didn't even recognize her!  Which is a good thing, cause if you dress up like that, you should hope you don't look anything like yourself!  This is her real hair, it's just completely ratted out and teased to... ummm... perfection.  At least for this occasion!  Rylie wasn't scared of her mommy, though-- which was a good thing!

Even Spud dressed up!

Then we played a rousing game of "pass the baby" and she giggled and laughed and played it up really well!  Here she is with "Nene" - her grandmother.

We didn't think to get a family picture until it was completely dark, so this didn't turn out as well (not to mention trying to get a dog and a baby to both face the camera at once is nearly impossible).  But check out this family photo!  I'd say it was Halloween!  Although my brother appeared to be wearing the same thing he wears every day, his wife assured me that he was a bear hunter after a kill.  :)  I really love how Spud seems to totally be posing and winking at the camera for this picture!

And one final picture with me and the star of the night.

Ahh... I love visiting back home and seeing my family and old friends!

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