01 November 2010

I Heart Faces Challenge: "My Story: Fall"

This is the road I used to run down to catch the school bus every morning.
It's the road I climbed up when the bus dropped us off in the afternoon. 
It's the road I was too scared to bike down when I was little.  And the road I would still never want to bike down!
This road will never be paved because my family likes the gravel, especially when it snows.
It's the road I saw my dad plow with a tractor many times because he got too stir crazy after 3 days in the house.
And the road he and my grandfather have to scrape after it rains because it turns into a river bed despite several engineering feats to re-route the water.
This is the road with the leaning power pole that scared me when I was 8.  It still leans to this day.
It's the kind of road where you have to know when to stay to the left and when to veer to the right.  And when you have 7 people in a mini-van, you don't stop for fear that you will never-ever get going uphill again.
But one day... one day this will be the road that my kids run down to catch the bus, and take 3 times as long to walk up in the afternoon.  The road my kids will learn to drive on, learning the smooth and the rough spots.
This road... it's home.

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Tamar SB said...

What a beautiful picture!

Love the depth of color!!


Liese4 said...

What a nice road to walk down in the fall (I bet the winter isn't so great though.)

Karrie said...

Such a wonderful photo! I love the story of the road and I hope your children have as many memories about it as you do :)

Amy Henderson said...

This is beautiful. Lovely memories you have of this beautiful hillside road.

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