14 December 2010

If you give a cat a sweater (alternate title: When you force your cat to wear a sweater)

Our cat spends most of her free time, which is all the time, staring at us.  If she's not staring at us, that means she's asleep.

Unfortunately for her, when she stares at us, we feel the need to entertain her.  So... we pick on her.  It's healthy, right?

Now don't get me wrong, we love our cat.  Her and our two dogs light up our world and keep us company.  I talk to all three of them on a daily basis, and generally have to remind Josh that they have feelings.

And on the odd occasion, he has to make an apology.  Not that he always does...

Where was I?

Oh yes, entertaining our cat.

So we'll put her in odd circumstances to see how she reacts.

Do you see her giving Josh the look of death?  Good thing she can't talk!

And this weekend, while she was staring at me, I looked down and noticed one of Max's sweaters.  Max is our mini-dachshund that doesn't have hair.  He's not keen on sweaters, but sometimes their just necessary with his lack of hair.

At any rate, I looked at the cat, the sweater, and back to the cat.

"Josh, hold the cat!"

No joke, a smile went across Josh's face, and he held the cat down as we put Max's sweater on her!

What, kitty?  You don't love your new warm sweater?  It matches you!

At that point, we let her down to roam around the house and she made a beeline for the bedroom.  Please excuse the poor quality and some blurred pictures... this cat was on the move!

2 things:

1) Our cat is long

2) She was crouching down low to the ground and practically slithering across the carpet.  Something about the sweater made her do that--- and it was funny!

Peek-a-boo!  Jigsaw is behind you!

This was totally the highlight of Jigsaw's day (he's the dog).  He loves getting all up in the kitty's personal space and creeping her out.

And I'm not sure what this is, other than something else weird that she did only because she was wearing a sweater.

"You think this is funny, huh?"

"I give up on life... it's just too tough."

Jigsaw has a little more fun... all while the cat keeps swatting at his nose.  He just sits and stares.

"Hey, kitty?  What's personal space?"

And finally she decides to take the super awesome kitty sweater off.

Whether you love cats or hate cats, I hope that made your day!


Melanie Reller said...

That totally made my day. And yes, that's normal. We "torment" our cats in similar fashion.
Hey, don't judge me, we have kids and don't get out much. This is our Friday night entertainment! ;-)

Rob said...

That picture with Josh and the cat should be your Christmas card.

fowler said...

@Melanie - yes! Wrapping saran wrap around their paws is mucho fun!

@Rob - torturing animals was almost the theme of our Christmas card this year but after about 5 attempts, I gave up and the beach won out.

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