05 October 2010

Shoes under $10.

I love shoes.

The only problem is, I don't like paying a lot for them.

So shoes are something I'm always looking for, but rarely buy.  If it's more than $10 I just have a tough time paying for them.

The only exception is tennis shoes.  Running without support is a horrible plan.  Those I don't like to pay more than $40 for.

Yes.  I'm cheap.

But all that sole searching (har har har- pun intended) paid off tonight!  I was looking for a pair of black flats (apparently I've been searching for them for months now).  And well, these aren't black...

... and they're not flats...

But aren't they just the most adorable shoes you've ever seen?

The have RUFFLES for goodness sakes!!

And they fit in my "under $10" category, so how could I resist?

*Yes, we live on a budget and yes I bought shoes on a whim.
**I think I know where my continuing back issues come from.
***I will not buy orthopedic shoes.


AnniePressley said...

You don't have to buy orthopedic shoes. I recently got orthotics (custom made shoe inserts). They were completely free to me (whoa, Berea College insurance did SOMETHING right) and I wear them in my Adidas Sambas. They are pretty big, but mostly because my feet have so many problems. When I don't wear them, I can feel the difference.

shannonbear said...

Huzzah on lovely not expensive shoes! I wish I could find my Keens like that... alas! A girl can dream!

Celeste said...

I finally discovered that good heels are exponentially more comfortable than cheap ones. And I'm way more likely to wear them more than once.

Ross and Marshalls are my friends. Also I have seen keens at Marshalls before.

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