28 May 2010

Frilly Shoes.

I'm a girl, so it was only a matter of time before I had a post about shoes.

So while randomly shopping online I found a site that has some shoes for some pretty low prices.

*I'm not endorsing them... I've done nothing to research their company, shipping prices, quality, etc.  I do not get any money from them... I'm just perusing for cute shoes.*

Let's take a look, shall we?

4" of imitation leather cuteness! I love the casual frills.


"Accented with cute ruffles" it says... I agree!


Open toed shoes are not for me, but these are adorable, too!


I think me and ruffles have something going on.  But seriously, look at these shoes and tell me they're not awesome!  It could be because all my clothes are boring and I can get away with shoes this... umm... loud.  Again, I don't typically wear sandals or open toed shoes.


This is more of my glass slipper.  I would wear these everywhere I went!  Work, church, dog park... 


And to football games.  I live in upstate South Carolina now, so I'm required to be a Clemson fan.


Which reminds me... I've never been tailgating in my life.  I need to do that.

**Sidenote:  Why do Victoria's Secret ads make me feel like I'm 5' 8" and weigh 125?  Seriously, I look at a dress and subconsciously, I think that if I buy it, then by the time it gets here, I will magically look just like the model.


Foolproof, right?

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