06 October 2010

Catalyst 2010.

It's that time of year again.  The time where my husband begs like a puppy to go to Catalyst.

But really?  How can I say 'no' to this guy?  I've become tough... that's all I have to say.

Especially when he's so excited to get this into certain people's hands.

But the real story starts a few months ago.  We got a brochure in the mail.  And the begging began.  I hid the brochure in our bookcase.  Can you see it?

Out of sight, out of mind.  I forgot about it.  But Josh didn't.

And honestly, I never dreamed he would be doing music full time now.  I knew he could do it, but he wasn't planning on it a few months ago.

But now he is, and so it just makes sense.  Plus, he got a great deal on tickets.

He's as excited as a 4 year old geared up for a McDonald's birthday party.

Do kids still get excited about McDonald's birthday parties?  Do they still have them?  Should I replace that with Chuck-E-Cheese?  Monkey Joe's?

At any rate, this guy will be speaking.  Not that we don't get to hear him every Sunday.  :)

And this guy... who we were blessed enough to hear every Sunday while living in Atlanta.  Check out North Point back in the day.

But I think Josh really goes for the games.  A few years ago he came back with a Whoopie Cushion.

Guess who else will be there?  Anne Jackson (below), whose blog you can read by checking out the sidebar to the right under "My Favorite Blogs"  --->

And Jon Acuff, which I have a blog-crush on.  His blog is so witty and smartly written.  I love it.  I wish it were mine.  Oh, and he works for Dave Ramsey now... is that the life or what?!

So if you're at Catalyst this week, enjoy it!  And make sure you find this guy and say hello:

THE Josh Fowler

I can guarantee you he'll be playing there one day.  It's just what he does.

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