04 September 2010

This Ain't Nothin'

Ok, so it made me cringe to write the title out that way, but that's the name of the song.

Have you heard it?  If you don't listen to country, then you haven't.  If you do, then you have.

If you don't already know this about me, then let me tell ya... I love country songs and they make me cry.  But then the next one makes me laugh, so it all evens out.

So I was stopping by the grocery store the other day, enjoying the sound system in my sisters car, when this song came on.  I was about to pull into a parking space when I see a couple getting ready to walk right past it.   So I wait on them.

Now normally, I'm kind of impatient.  It's not like I'm honking and yelling or anything, but I probably have a frown on my face.

But not this time.  As the older couple walks by, I notice that the man doesn't have a left hand.

[If you've heard the song, this makes sense.]

I smiled and waved as they walked to their beat up old car.

Just a little reminder that we can get so caught up in things that we don't stop and think about what others may be going through.

I know I sure don't.

So today, tomorrow, and the day after that [and after that, too], try to stop and think.  That person that's walking or driving super slow... just be patient and wait.  You never know.

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