30 September 2010

30 years old...

Of course, I wouldn't want to post something on the day that it actually happens.

But I'd just like to say that I was so consumed with wishing my mom a Happy Birthday yesterday that I didn't have time to blog about it.

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True story.  I called her and texted her.

Although, her kids at school totally out-shined me.  They brought her pieces of pie from home, a colored page from a coloring book.

One even gave her her birthstone.  Not my mom's birthstone.  The kid gave my mom her own birthstone.

My mom loved all of these.  Which is why she's a teacher and I'm not.  And she's a 12th grade teacher.

Just kidding.  It's second grade.


I think.

Elementary school teachers change grades as often as the kids do.

Photo by: Blue Frame Photography

But at any rate, mad props to a woman who can run around with little kids all day and make them think she's 30...

Photo by: Blue Frame Photography

... after raising these 5 kids... not to mention all the critters we brought home.

Well, not 'we.'  More like anyone-but-me.  I prefer domestic animals.  That are fluffy.

And don't bite.

Photo by: Blue Frame Photography

And now she's got three cutie-pie grandkiddos.

Happy (yesterday) Birthday mom!

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