01 October 2010

It's all relative.

I've always been the youngest one in the crowd.  I was the 2nd youngest in my family and hung out with older friends in school.  My birthday was in June, so I was one of the youngest in all my classes.  When I got married I was young... 19.  I've always worked in jobs with mostly older people and I graduated college at 21 (which at the university I went to, was young).

Every small group Josh and I have ever been in with church we were the youngest ones.  Sometimes the people in the class had kids our age, other times they were only a decade older than us.

Young. Young. Young.

I totally enjoyed it though.  I like to think that if I'm not fashion forward, at least I'm ahead of the curve on something.

But yesterday I was talking with someone and we were talking about Josh's birthday next year.

He's going to be 27.

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As a kid, I first realized how old my parents were when they were 42 & 43.  At that point in time, it was just a number.

When my oldest brother turned 30, that was a big day for me.  My brother was, most definitely, an adult by then, and it had just hit me that we weren't all kiddos anymore.

Then my little sister turned 18.  Whew... now we're really not kids anymore!

Then my little sister turned 21.  What the heck?  Now we're all grown adults?  What happened to us?

I figured the next big birthday was going to be my oldest brother turning 40.  I mean, 40... that's not old for your parents, but that's old for your brother!  Surely I'm just a kid still... listening to the Backstreet Boys.




And I was also wrong about 40 being the next big birthday.

I will be 25 next year.  What?  Okay... well I'm still not too old.  I can still be considered a "young professional" and I'm cool with that.  I'm not young to be married, but I'm at an appropriate age.

Why, yes, this is exactly how my mind processes things... what do you mean it doesn't make sense?

But 27?  Twenty-seven is getting closer to 30.  Twenty-seven is not a kid.  It's not someone who is silly and looks at you in the morning and says, "Who let us get married?"

Which is totally what we said on our honeymoon and pretty much the entire first year of our marriage.  We're still not sure as to the answer to that.  I mean, c'mon, we were 19 and 21!  We. Were. Kids.

Photo by: Blue Frame Photography

But I'm not sure how much longer we can pull off "being kids."  It's worked so well for us.  What's being an adult like?

What do adults do?  Do they go on ice cream dates?  Do they leave their empty bowls on the coffee table?  Do they let their mail pile up because it's easier than checking it?


Do they have to make their bed every morning?

Photo by: Blue Frame Photography

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