14 July 2010

Phone Woes. Continued, apparently.

Remember this whole escapade?  The one where I dropped my beloved Blackberry in the toilet?


In the end I decided that I didn't really need a blackberry and I never really did.  I knew that from the beginning-- it was me & Josh's anniversary presents to ourselves in 2009.

So I called up a friend who works at Verizon and he was able to get me a used phone.

Whoever had it before is pretty cool because they already had a pink case on it!

So I charged it up, cleaned it up, and started programming numbers into it's memory.  I put up a status on Facebook mentioning that I lost all my contact numbers and for people to text me their name so I could add them again.

Turns out, I'm completely inept at texting on these "old" regular phones!  People started texting me and it was taking forever to figure out how to put it in my phonebook, and then typing their name out was becoming a hazard to my health.

Now I know how my parents and grandparents felt when this stuff first hit the market.  It was completely over my head.  And it was NOT like riding a bicycle.  I used to be able to text like nobody's business on these things.  But now?  I couldn't spell correctly or use any sort of punctuation.  Being a writing and communication major in college, this started to eat at my soul.

And then I remembered!  I never got rid of my old phone (before the blackberry).  I had deleted everything on it (of course, all my contacts as well) because I had planned on giving it away.  But sure enough-- it was packed in a box in our spare bedroom.

Could have saved me from being 2 weeks without a phone while waiting on the other one...

As it turns out, I'm not exactly a texting master on this phone either.

But I will get used to it.  It's a heck of a lot easier than the regular phone!

Punctuation is still an issue at times, though.

My cell phones...


It's definitely a love-hate relationship.

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