14 July 2010

Date night (afternoon?)

Josh and I took a trip down to our state's capital this past weekend so he could play at an awesome church.  It was my first chance to explore the city a little, so I snapped quite a few pictures!  

Check out this Publix!  I hate to admit it, but this is cool.

Then we ate and hung out at a park for a bit where we took a zillion pictures.

Woah.  I think our photography skills have come a long way in the past 6 years!  And our smiles don't look so dorky anymore either...

Yes... we've gained a lot few pounds.  College + Love + Marriage will do that to ya.  Or at least that's my excuse...

And walked on over to Starbucks.  Woah.  Check out the digs!

I want to decorate my house like Starbucks.  Oh wait.  I have.  Kinda.

When we have kids, I want them to have this:

Isn't it cute?  I'll fill it with water or juice or whatever kids are drinking these days.  Hot cocoa?

As we left Starbucks to head back to the comfy bed at the hotel, I handed Josh the camera and told him to get some cool shots.

Overexposed, but I saved it as much as I could.

Fun date!  Now scamper off and have a fun date with your spouse/significant other/best friend.  This one cost us $6 because we bought a footlong sub from subway.  We still had a Starbucks card, so that was free!

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