08 July 2010

New beginnings.

Josh and I got the chance to visit our old church home last weekend!

Backstory:  It's 2005 and Josh and I are engaged- he's on staff at a church.  One week his pastor spoke about needing people to help open a church plant a few towns over-- right next to my hometown!  Josh and I looked at each other, knowing at that very second that it's where God was going to put us.  Sure enough, he was approached that very week about helping out with the worship there.  The "doors" opened April 2006 and we were married May 2006.  Josh was the Creative Arts pastor there until we moved out of state 2.5 years later.

So... it was our first church home together.  And even though were were punk kids that got married, and I was still a teenager, they accepted us.

Oh, and I forgot one thing... we didn't have a building.  We met at the local high school.

But guess what?  They just finished their building and opened it up last month!  So we couldn't wait to check it out and see everyone again.

**Hey everyone!  See?  I told you I was going to take pictures and put them on my blog!  I wouldn't forget you!**

Except, I did forget to take pictures of the people.  I'm sorry!  I got so excited talking to everyone that I just completely forgot all about it.

First things, first-- check out this awesome painting!  It's right when you walk in the door and I believe it has all the different names of God on the branches.  Beautiful.

The main room.

But I sat here in the back... next to the coffee... and got refills.  I love churches where I can drink coffee.

I would have gone for this couch, but I'm a little too old-- coffee couldn't have even helped me at that point!  A couple young kiddos were having a blast anyway-- made my day!

Check out the kiddos area!  I loved it!  I want my bedroom to look like this, please.

I'll pass on the lamp, though. It's a little childish, don't you think?  ;)

And this is the bigger kids area... I think elementary ages hang out here.  How cool is this?

Then, of course, I found my big kid playing guitar.  Such a fun day!

The only downside... because there has to be a downside, right?  The only downside is that you don't want to wear your new shiny high heels because the parking lot is gravel. Now, it didn't really mess up my shoes, but Josh took pity on me anyway and carried me across the parking lot!  The pastor's mother yelled out, "That's true love right there!"

And boy... she's right-- I've gained weight since we got married!

PS: You don't have to dress up here, anyway.  But you can if you want.  That's what's cool about it!


Beth said...

And I missed you guys! No fair :-(

But kudos to you for posting Pinnacle pics - I haven't even done that!!!

fowler said...

Yup! I did see your hubby though!

fowler said...
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