09 July 2010

Mmmm... Starbucks.

Bought a new coffee cup today! My last (nice) one met an untimely death at the bottom of our stairs a few months back.  I've been using this silver one, but it tends to leak.

This cup is huge!  20 oz.  I wasn't too keen on it at first, but it will keep me from wanting more.  I like to sip my coffee as long as possible in the morning!

This particular tumbler (as they call it) is made from recycled stuff (aren't they all, at Starbucks, though?)

"This tumbler. SIMPLE. easy.  Maybe that's all the reason  you need."

It will definitely keep me entertained reading it every day... 'cause that's what I'll undoubtedly do, with my type A personality... just to make sure I've read each line and haven't missed any.

Wait... is that type A, or is that OCD?

But check out the cool lid.

The guy at Starbucks promised me that he had one like this and it didn't spill coffee all over his face... which was my concern.  I told him that if that wasn't true, then I knew where he worked.

His co-workers offered up that his name was Jason.

But perhaps the best reason to buy this cup?  The price!  20 honking ounces in a cup for $7.99!  But at the cash register it run up $6.99!

If you're not used to Starbucks, these are usually $12 - 20.

But I had a gift card-- thanks, Gini!

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