08 July 2010

I have a confession

I have a confession.  I'm scared to death of photoshop.

People assume I use it because I love photography so much.

But I just have to sheepishly smile and say, "No."

Truth is, I'm scared to death of it.  I played around on it once in college, and there were so many gadgets that I didn't understand.  I couldn't even crop a picture!

(This was the same class where I wrote a poem about how much I hated Dreamweaver.)

I wasn't great with technology back then.  I'm not exactly fabulous at it now.

But, I also know where tons of Photoshop tutorials are.  And I even saw one on how to crop a picture.

But there's another issue I have with it now.

I'm scared of how much time I'll spend on it.  Because, truly, I do love photography.  But I already spend a lot of time editing pictures just doing the simple stuff.

So much that lately, I've been throwing pictures up SOOC (straight out of camera), without any edits.  It's just a time thing.

Forgive me.

Confession over.  Believe me, you'll know when I get Photoshop.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. That is actually one of the cameras on my list! Instead of using photoshop, I purchased photoshop elements 8. Its a simpler version of photoshop that does not have as steep as a learning curve and is not nearly as expensive.

fowler said...

Thanks! Right now I'm using picnik.com and it's extremely user friendly and actually has a lot of advanced capabilities that I didn't know about at first. I downloaded Gimp, as it was suggested by another photographer, but she also said it was not at all user friendly-- but it's free. Picnik is only $25 a year, and well worth the investment. I'll check out elements 8, though, cause I've heard a lot of great things about it!

Celeste said...

Elements 8 is a good start, very similar to old photoshop 7, once you've got the hang of that the newer versions (and gimp) aren't so intimidating. I'm not big on editing. I'd hire it out if I could.

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