09 July 2010

Fix-It Friday's with I Heart Faces

Welcome to my first Fix-It Friday with I Heart Faces! I got a little over zealous and started editing before I read all the directions.  So I do not have all the steps that it took to edit this, but I do know the program I used!

I used my favorite program (because it's super easy)... picnik.com

Here is the original (I did not take this):

And here are some of the edits that I did:






I just love how one pictures can be so mundane, but so extraordinary with editing.  Make sure to check out everyone else's edits here!

I think #2 & #3 are my favorites... which are your faves?


The Mommy said...

I'm torn between the first and the second edit. I like the brightness in the first and the natural warmth in the second.

Celeste said...

I think most of this editing goes too far. I don't like photos to look 'edited'. I like the warmth it in #2 but it's a bit to far. I also like the closer crop in the last ones.

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