21 July 2010

Laundry and art

Raise your hand if your laundry room/closet/area is as beautiful as the magazines.

Bueller?  Bueller?

That's what I thought.  And if you have a pristine laundry room/closet/area, then what the heck are you doing reading my blog?

Anywho, I say all that so that my mom doesn't kill me.  She has no idea I took these pictures.

Hi, mom!

She has a normal laundry area.  There is a washing machine, a dryer, detergent, plugs for the washer and dryer, dust, and cabinets (hey, all of us don't have cabinets-- I do have shelves, though, which is helpful).

My mom is also a school teacher and she's out of school for the summer, which means she's doing lesson plans, babysitting, doing lesson plans, reorganizing, and doing lesson plans.  She does a lot of lesson plans.  She's a great teacher.

She also loves to redecorate the house.  That's a gene that I did not inherit from her.  But this is the newest addition to her laundry area, which I just adore and love with all my heart: artwork from us kids.

My oldest brother's:

2nd oldest brother (he now has several intricate tattoos that he's drawn out himself):

3rd oldest brother (please notice how he originally wrote "wouldn't" but then marked out the "n't" -- as in... he decided halfway through the project that the 1800's would be pretty fun after all):

Moi (can we tell who the perfectionist is in the family?):

And my baby sister (to be fair, I think this was kindergarten-- it says "If I were a spider... I'd eat a butterfly") :

Pretty cool, eh?

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

I love this post! What cute artwork and um...you look like you drew that now! so your good at photography and drawing?? Where does it end? Oh yea, house cleaning :-p

Am I crazy for having a laundry room like in a magazine?

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