20 July 2010

I've turned into an old lady already.

Let me tell you about these beds.  Look comfy, huh?


This dates back to the wedding weekend.  We brought a tent, but why pitch a tent when there are 4 extra beds?

So we claimed the blue one in the back... we didn't want to claim two, assuming that there would be others who would rather sleep inside than in a tent as well.

And boy, although there were two of us crammed in that twin size bed, it was pretty dang comfy (at the time)!  I would have slept like a baby if there weren't 2 males snoring to a degree beyond my comprehension.

I have a picture of the main culprit, but I won't post it.  It's just too mean.  If I'd had a rock, though, you better believe I would have thrown it at him.

But as far as comfort?  The bed was awesome.

Until the next day.  My whole body was sore, but that morning I wrote it off as "I just woke up and I'm probably just still annoyed at that guy who snored all night."

Then I went hiking that afternoon.  In flip flops.

So when the soreness continued, I assumed it was because I was tired from the hike.

But the aches continued on Monday.  And by Monday night, my body felt like an old lady's (or what I imagine an old lady would feel like).

My left hand feels like I have a sudden onset of arthritis.  My back nearly gave out (ok, that's how it felt) when I picked up some laundry off the floor last night.

My neck is killing me.  I feel like my entire back is out of alignment.

Do any old ladies read my blog?  Is that what you feel like?

I'm not really sure of how to treat this... problem... which I'm now blaming on the bed.  I feel like the correct solution is to call up a chiropractor and have some shots in my wrist, but likely some rest and a bath in Epsom salt will probably work wonders.

Me thinks this could be the perfect excuse for a massage...

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