21 July 2010


Every culture has attributes that make them unique.  Here in the mountains of the south, bluegrass is huge.  And it never ceases to amaze me at who can play an instrument.  You'll find the quiet guy that's usually in the corner can really rock it out on the banjo.  Or that your grandpa can play a mean fiddle tune.

Or that your extremely tall neighbor (who has to duck to get in any doorway) plays the tiny mandolin.

The stand-up bass has always amazed me as well.

And then halfway through the night everyone will switch instruments.  Talent abounds.

The guy in the orange is the groom.  He changed into this immediately while the bride wore her dress all night. I don't blame her... get your use out of that thing!  More on that later, though.

Here is the groom's sister and her husband.  Not only is she gorgeous... She. Can. Sing.

Such a gorgeous evening... we really had a blast!

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